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Full text of "Sri Sai Baba`S:Charters And Sayings"

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TWENTY-FIRST TALK           435

Remember that all the accepted feeling of the time,
all the respectability and the orthodox powers—the
Pharisees an5 the Sadducees—were arrayed against
the Christ. He wSs only a poor wandering Teacher,
who had not where to lay His Head.  Would
you have followed Him in defiance of all respect-
ability—when all the people whom you had been
respecting all your life—the Great Elders, the High
Priests—the people corresponding to Bishops and
Archbishops, when they had all pronounced against
Him ? Is it so certain that you would have forsaken
everything to follow Him, whom all these orthodox
people stigmatised as a charlatan ? Would you not
have felt a doubt, after all, whether He was not a
fanatic, whether, after all, you might not be throwing
away the substance and grasping at the shadow ? It
is not so certain. Think how it must have looked.
In the present day perhaps it looks like that still, and
yet those of us who have thrown away other things for
the sake of following Them have never for one moment
regretted it. It was a test for the people in Christ's
day. There is no doubt that it is a test for people
now as to whether they shall really follow the Master
utterly. The occasion comes to you sometimes. You
know that a question sometimes arises within yourself
as to whether you should do some certain thing which
seems in every way the best and wisest thing to do
from the point of common-sense, but which you feel
inside would not be quite what the Master expects of